Welcome to the world of Roosters Piri Piri

On our website you will discover what makes us unique, from our attempts to blend tradition and modernity to putting a quintessentially British spin on healthy street food from around the globe. For more information about our dining spaces, please visit our restaurants page to learn more about the natural elements we utilise.

Our site is regularly updated to reflect the dynamic, vibrant and energetic nature of our brand. We also have a dedicated Facebook and Twitter page where you can find out more about our promotions, offers and events.


Seeking opportunities with Roosters?

We have a variety of jobs available across our franchise chain. If you are interested in a role specifically advertised, or wish to gain some experience in the food industry, please use the application or online form on our Contact page. Good luck!

Property search
We are also looking for available properties for our restaurants. See our Restaurants page for more information.